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Jan 31, 2019

Any ideas for a "Question of the day" module? I'm thinking about several questions drawn from a single randomized slide.

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David Tait

Coincidentally I built the spinning wheel interaction you mention above, I'm glad you like it.

I'm unable to share the storyline file for this as the mechanics of it have been used in paid client projects, which I'm sure you can appreciate would reflect badly on me if I distributed publically.

I did however write a blog post talking through the build, hopefully this will provide an insight: 

I have another idea that might be suitable for your requirements, I'll pull something together and post here when I'm done.

David Tait

I've pulled a quick 'n' dirty demo together to illustrate a concept. 

In the demo you'll notice seven buttons, one for each date from 1st-7th Feb 2019.

Clicking a button equal to or earlier than today's date (1st Feb 2019 for anyone reading this in the future) will open a question, clicking a date in the future will show a message that you're too early.

The date locking is achieved using javascript. Each button has an execute javascript trigger attached to it. In line 3 of the javascript you'll notice the date that each button becomes unlocked.

var date = "2019-02-01";

Changing the date here will mean the button will remain locked until the new date is reached. I'm sure someone with better JS skills than I have will be able to write some more efficient code but this works.

This demo is completely scaleable in that you can add more buttons/dates as needed and instead of jumping to a fixed question you could attach a whole new question bank to each date on the menu if you wanted to.

Have a look at the attachment below and let me know if there are any questions. I've published this out too so you can see it working:

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