Question on how to quiz with 2 failing points

Apr 11, 2018

Hi Folks,

In Storyline 3. I am trying to find a way to create a quiz that if you fail the first question you automatically fail the course. But if you answer the first question correctly, you continue with the rest of the quiz. So I want to have to failing points, one at the first slide and one at the end of the regular quiz.

I want to do this because our LMS (Absorb) will can auto enroll a learner if they pass or fail a course. In this case I want a new person to hit yes, I am new -the wrong answer, and have them fail and be automatically enrolled in a basic training. On the other hand, if they say, I am NOT new and want to test out and they fail they get auto enrolled in the basic training as the new learners.

I tried branching with multiple result slides and now I'm thinking a bit more linear if I can think at all! 

Thanks, Tai

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Tai Day

I was able to use the Javascript  tip from a couple months back. The quiz is doing what I want it to do and it is marking failed the in all the right places but it shows incomplete even when I go through the full quiz. I marked the score to show 0% to pass a fail score and set status to complete.

//get LMS API
var lmsAPI = parent;
//set score;
lmsAPI.SetScore(0, 100, 90);
//set status;

Is it because it is not passing a score that it doesn't go to completion and stays in in progress? The only time it shows complete is when I pass the quiz. I tried on my LMS and then tried in Scorm Cloud. 

I must be missing something.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tai, 

I may be missing a piece of your needs...but what about advancing a user directly to the results slide if they answer "Yes, I'm new" as the "wrong" answer as if they don't answer/see any of the other questions all those will be marked as incorrect and they'll fail the course as a whole. 

If they answer "No, I'm not new" you can then have them continue through the rest of the course as normal.

This could easily be added as a trigger on the feedback layers connected to your first quiz question for the correct/incorrect choices. 

Hope that helps - and if you'd still need to go the Javascript route, I'll let that to our experts in the community! 

Tai Day

Hi Ashley, 

You have my intentions correct. I didn't think to use the feedback layers to exit the quiz... I'll look at that. I wasn't having problems with the mechanics of getting to the results slide, it's the completion on fail that I have not been getting. I must be missing a setting some where.

The reason we want them to fail either at the "Yes, I'm new," and "I'm NOT new" and tried testing out but failed - both will be auto enrolled in the basic training course.

I was having a problem of getting the module to show a "Failed" and "completed" so that the LMS can push the Basic course to the failed learners.

Let me try the triggers in the feedback layers.

Thank you!

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