Quiz Fail even though all questions correct

I am not sure why this is happening and I hope the attached images help.  I have 4 question quiz.  Each question is worth 10 points.  First time I take it I answer each question correctly and yet I fail.  I "retake quiz" answer the questions the same and I pass!  The fail image shows I need 56 points to pass out of only 40 possible.  How is this calculated?  Help me please!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Bill and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Are those images from the same course? That certainly is odd. 

How are you re-taking the course? Are you using the 'Retry Quiz' option built into the Result Slide and do you have a trigger on the Result Slide to reset the results when the user clicks this button?

Looks like you've reached out to our support team as well, so hopefully, you are able to share your .story file privately there and an NDA can be signed if needed.

Thomas Gill

Did anyone get an answer to this in the end?

I  am having the exact same issue. I have 5 questions with 10 points for a correct answer. 

This means 100% is = 50 pooints. Since I am gettiing the same 80% as above (56 points) it means that the pass.points variable believes it should be 70 points. I cannot amend the pass.points variable as it's locked out. 

Did anyone find a solution to this?

Katie Gokhshteyn

So sorry to hear you're running into the same roadblock, Thomas. We can help!

I peeked at Bill's case where I see my teammate, Jose, logged this behavior as a software bug. We found that multiple results slides give incorrect reporting in the HTML5 output. Flash is working correctly. 

Are you using Storyline 3 or Storyline 360? While our team investigates this issue, we're happy to take a close look at your .story file to see what we can recommend for the time being. You can send it over by clicking here. We're standing by!

Katie Gokhshteyn

Thank you, Thomas! We can appreciate confidentiality and are happy to sign an NDA, if that works for you and your team. Just let us know!

I'm going to share your experience in the Storyline 360 report, and I promise we'll keep this discussion posted with any new information. Thanks for reaching out, and I'm so sorry for any headaches!