Question on Variables & Object States

Jul 11, 2013

Greetings, fellow Articulate Storyliners!

I'm working on a Storyline slide that has multiple layers. The first layer is a switchboard with three different hotspots. The learner can click any of the hotspots and explore a different path within the same slide.

Hotspot 1: Path 1 (slide layers 1a, 1b)

Hotspot 2: Path 2 (slide layer 2)

Hotspot 3: Path 3 (slide layer 3)

On the last layer of each path, the learner can go back to the switchboard to select another path. On the last layer of each path, I'm also setting a variable as a flag to indicate this path has been completed. If the path is complete, the Path1Completed variable gets set to True. Same for Path2Completed and Path3Completed.

My challenge is that I'd like to show a checkmark to indicate that the learner has visited one of the three paths. I've tried to change the state of the checkmark (currently, it's a picture) from hidden to normal based on whether or not a particular variable is set to true. According to the reference text box I've set up, the variables are changing properly. However, I can't get the checkmark to display.

Any suggestions? I feel like it's something fairly simple that I'm overlooking.


Scott Lindsey

E-Learning Instructional Designer

Cook Children's Health Care System

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Josh Uhlig


It may be because of where you are placing the trigger to change the checkmark state.  I suggest placing it at the end of each layer path (same spot you have your variable change to true).  You could even get rid of the variables, and only have the state change since you can manipulate objects on the base layer from any layer.

Stefano Posti

You need a simple slide trigger that changes the state of your picture from hidden to normal according to the respective pathcompleted variable.

Otherwise your pictures will be reset to their initial states at the ti meline start of your slide.

You should be able to Find serveral example in the forums an in the tutorials... Even in the downloadable templates, if I'm not wrong.

Hope it helps


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