Question re importing a web object into storyline

Nov 04, 2013

Hi Articulate,

Im working my way throught the Articulate Storyline tutorials and am right at the beginning where we import the example powerpoint containing a video and web object into Storyline.

Have followed all the steps and after publishing, the splash screen anc video slide both looking and working fine. However slide three the web object, doesn't seem to have linked correctly and I just see a white screen with no URL or anything else on it.

Can you advise please.

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Fiona Klassen

Think I just worked my problem out, I tried the exercise again and although there was quite a delay, the web object did load, probably a broadband speed issue.

I'm thinking maybe a timer symbol or something as a placeholder while waiting for the web object to load might be a good idea in practice, that way the learner has some assurance that something is happening.

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