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Sep 18, 2014

Hello E-learning Heroes,

I have 5 question slides. The learner should click submit, then at the end of the questions how can I give them feedback. For instance question 1: right answer was true. Question 2 answer was B. Also how can I give them a score or percentage to evaluate how they done?

Lastly how can they give feedback, for instance if they suggest some improvement etc. Can they submitt somewhere feedback and then it is emailed back to owner of the elearning tool?



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Emily Ruby

Hello Valeska,

When you create your quiz slides, you have the option to modify the feedback text for the Correct/incorrect response.

As far as feedback, you could add a "survey" question for them to answer.

Or, if you are using a LMS for delivery, you could see what options they have for an after course survey for feedback.

Hope this helps!

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