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Oct 23, 2013

Good Day everyone,

I am new to Storyline and just started to go through the tutorials.  I come from the Captivate world and have issues with the way that program works, so before I get real deep into Storeline I thought I would ask some questions here about some of the problems I have having in captivate to see if I am going to run into the same problems here.

Small amount of background.  I develop Distance Learning Classes for the Governement 
Typically we are behind in technology.  Example we can only use IE 9 or lower. We can not use HTML 5 so everything we do is created in flash.  We have a custom build LMS system that is NOT an off the shelf version so that can be an issue sometimes. It is not scorm compliant but we can pass information back and forth to it if we know what we need.

So here is a short list of questions I have.

1.  Can I have a student stop a course and restart it at the slide they left off at.  Is there a way I can save that information to our LMS to make that happen

2.  Can we pass variables from one file to another?

3.  Can we have more than one quiz in a  file?  (knowledge checks, Quizzes)

Let me just start with those 3 for now.  Thank you for your assistance I look forward to experimenting and playing with Storyline.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David and welcome to Heroes!

1. There is a functionality within Storyline to set the Resume behavior which would determine if when accessing the course again if they'll be allowed to pick up where they left off. If you choose Always or Prompt, and if you'll be hosting your content in an LMS, do one of the following:

  • If your LMS supports bookmarking, mark the box labeled When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie. The LMS will control resume behavior in this scenario.
  • If your LMS does not support bookmarking, uncheck When running in LMS, ignore Flash cookie. The Flash cookie will control resume behavior in this scenario.

2. There isn't a way to pass a variable from one file to another. 

3. You can create multiple quizzes, you'll just want to make one Results slide to pass the values to your LMS. 

If there is anything else we can help you with please let us know! 

David Stabley

Thank you for the help,

Our LMS doesn't support book marking in the normal sense  (well as best I can tell it doesn't, but I am not the programmer of it, I am not a programmer at all)   But can I get information on the way that storyline passes that information so I can use it to give that information to our LMS?  I am sure our guys could modify our LMS to accept and use that.   It would be something we NEED to use this.  The cookie Idea is great but if a student is not at the same computer 2 days in a row that might cause an issue unless the cookie could be stored in their account?

A decision is to be made if we are going to change from captivate next Tuesday... SO I am spending the weekend trying to learn storyline and create a workable demo to show them by Monday.  Any advice or help that you might have would be greatly appreciated.  and I can send my phone number if that would help.

thank you

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

I'm also not a programmer either, so the "how" behind Storyline passes the information to your LMS is beyond my expertise, but I can share the information on what gets passed to the LMS associated with a quiz. You could also set up a custom variable to pass information to the LMS if you're not looking to include it in a quiz. The account you're referring to would be an account set up on the LMS side, as Storyline doesn't track individual users information within a master file, but submits that information to an LMS which corresponds with a log in on the LMS. 

You may want to connect with our Sales Support team who could offer you a bit more customized information and answer questions on the spot. 

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