Questions in bank wont shuffle

Sep 01, 2023

Hi - I'm trying to create a pre-assessment where the learner sits a 12-question quiz and for any questions they answer incorrectly, they must re-visit the related topic content, then return to the pre-assess and continue by answering a different question on the topic. This is ideally all wrapped up in a single quiz with a single passmark of 100%.

So the the quiz i've created a pre-assessment that:

  • displays 1 question from 12 banks (of 3 questions per drawer), TOTAL = 12 questions
  • has a retry button that only re-presents the questions answered incorrectly
  • shuffles the re-presented questions on retry.

In the 'Draw Questions from Bank' window I've checked the 'draw questions randomly' box and set it to include '1' question only.

On retry, it keeps re-presenting the same question. Is there a reason the 'Shuffle' feature in the bank isn't showing different questions?
When is the question meant to shuffle (the support page doen't say when the shuffle would take place, i'm assuming its on a re-attempt?). Any help would be greatle appreciated!

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Jose Tansengco

Hi Chris, 

Happy to help!

If you enable the 'Reset only incorrect questions' for quizzes that draw only one question from a question bank and the learner gets the question wrong, then it is normal for the re-attempt to show the same question because this is the only question that was 'Reset'. 

Here's a link to a published course so you can see what I mean. Version 1 of this course has the 'Reset only incorrect questions' disabled, while the Current Version has it enabled. You'll see that different questions will be drawn from a re-attempt in Version 1, while the same question will be shown on a re-attempt in the Current Version. 

If you would like different questions to appear on a re-attempt, try disabling the 'Reset only incorrect questions' option in the Results Slide. 

If this doesn't change the behavior for your course, would you be willing to share a copy of your project file here or in private by opening a support case so we can take a look at your setup? We'll delete it when we're done testing!