Quick question about json files!

Apr 20, 2017

Our client is asking for a version of our packaged course that does not include any json files. Apparently their network is very strict on what can be uploaded, and json files are prohibited.

Is it possible to publish a course and exclude the json file(s) that Storyline creates? I am not pulling JavaScript from anywhere, I don't know if this matters, however.

I understand that we might be limited here but if anyone has any tips I'd appreciate it.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hey, Robert! 

Interesting question - do you know why they lock down on json files? Are there any Network admins who are able to upload content and bypass that? 

I have heard of community members deleting files in the published output, but it's not something I can recommend. All the files that are included in the published output are ones we'd want to keep there to make sure the course plays correctly. 

I'll leave the "what ifs" for removing those files to the community - also you could always give it a test with one published example and see how it works for you? 

Jaidyn Martin

Hi Ashley! Thanks for your response. Unfortunately this is a client with very strict guidelines as to what can be uploaded. On their end they are saying that json files are executable which means they cannot be uploaded.

I didn't expect there to be a way around this, I was just double checking so I appreciate the response. :)

For those curious, I deleted the json file and the course failed to even upload.

Chris Wirick

Old thread, remaining problem. We cannot upload json files to our SharePoint network - a security policy that cannot be changed. Using the current 360 versions of Presenter and Storyline, which still include a jason file when publishing. As others have mentioned, the course still appears to work correctly if the json file is deleted. So the question is: why is the json file included in the published output at all? Or: is there something about the course that will not work correctly without the json file that we may not be seeing in our brief testing?