Quirk when Setting "Custom for Selected Slide" player options

Feb 05, 2020

Have noticed since SL2 and carried over into 360 that when you change the settings for the player features on a selected slide, for example take the seek bar off of a quiz question, it turns on the Menu and Resources options even if they were unchecked on the Custom for Selected Slide options and off in the global player features. 

You can view this on any slide, any project regardless of the global player feature settings. Just change the settings for 1 player feature on a slide then close the selection options and reopen them, there will be other options selected which you did not choose.

This is NOT a major issues, an annoyance at most, but when making this change recently for a set of 20 questions it was a lot of extra clicks.

I have found that if I turn off the seek bar for example and then at the same time select and de-select the menu and resources option (even if they show as not checked) it leaves them unchecked.  So 5 clicks to uncheck 1 box (check/uncheck menu and resources, and uncheck seek bar).

Just wondering if the programmers have this on their list of minor fixes for the future.

Again, not a show stopper, just a quirk.

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