Aug 16, 2012


I want the user to be able to retry the quiz 3 times before restarting the course.

I've got the retry quiz button to work but am not sure how to set the condition to

restart after three clicks on the retry quiz button.  Can you help me with this?

Sue Cz

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Saenna B Ahman

hi sue, here is how i would do something like that.

  1. Create a number variable and call it something like Retries. Set its value to zero.
  2. On the result slide, select the Retry Quiz button and add a trigger that adjusts the variable by adding 1 each time the learner clicks the button. So basically you are telling Story Line to count how many times the learner clicks Retry Quiz.
  3. Also on the result slide, make a trigger that changes the state of the Retry Quiz button to Hidden if the variable called "Retries" is equal to a certain number. (Sounds like that number would be 2, if you want to give the learner a total of 3 tries?

so this way the button won't be visible if the learner has reached the maximum retries allowed.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Robert,

You'll want to add a trigger (typically automatically created on a results slide, so you may need to edit it) to Submit results. It's typically set up to submit the results when the timeline starts on the Results slide, and you'd want to add a condition that the results would be submitted if the Score points is greater than or equal to pass points OR that the variable for attempts is equal to the number of attempts you've allowed. 

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