Quiz answer formatting issue


This seems to be happening more so with the multiple choice questions. In the published version of the title, the correct answers are not aligned with the incorrect answers.  When I hover over the correct answer it aligns with the rest of the answers.  So! Basically, all of the answers to the quiz questions are formatted so that you can tell that they are different than the others.   Has this happened to anyone else?  Any assistance or guidance would be much-appreciated.

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Julie Stout-Matthews

Thank you, Brian. I tried what you suggested and it worked. I have hundreds of questions in this course.  Would I need to go in and recreate every question one at a time?

Leslie, I don't think I'd be allowed to post it here.  Can I send it to you or post it somewhere so it's not accessible to everyone?  If not, I could probably save the file out and remove everything but the quiz questions.

Thanks for your help!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Julie!

I'm not aware of a bulk way to remove formatting, so I'm not sure that I would be able to assist with that.

For future reference, you can certainly share files privately here with our support team or strip private information away as you mention to share in the forums as the community is certainly very helpful.

Judy Nollet

Hi, Julie,

I've found that Storyline somehwat arbitrarily changes the hover and/or selected states for multiple-choice responses so that the text-box sizes don't quite match the normal state. This seems to happen after I revise the length of the response text or adjust the overall response area. But it's not consistent, so it's hard to determine a root cause. Unfortunately, it can make the response appear to "jump" or even wrap differently on hover or select. So now, I always check the states before publishing. 

I realize this doesn't help you re-format hundreds of questions. I just thought it was worth mentioning for future reference.

Julie Stout-Matthews

Judy, actually, it does.  I went in and removed the hover option from the answer and it stopped jumping; however, the formatting of the correct answer is off a little so it still stands out.  It's not as bad, but it's still a quality control issue as far as I'm concerned.  

I don't see any way around redoing all of them, but being the fact that I created a tracking workbook with all of the questions and answers, it should be a lot quicker.  

Thanks so much for your advice.

Thank you, Leslie! It's good to know I can share files privately.  I don't mind sharing files to the forum as the forum is quite a helpful place. I would have needed to remove a lot of company stuff to post it though and was trying to avoid extra work. :)

Again, thank you all so much for your advice.

Allison Bennett

I am also having this problem where the correct answer is slightly closer to the radio button than the other answers. Note that this problem only appears when you're previewing the slide, not when you're editing it. It seems to be because I changed the left internal margin of the radio button text box from 10 to 15 (I wanted more space between the radio button and the text), but if you do that, you will get this alignment problem (which *is* related to the radio button state because if you click that button, then it aligns correctly). The easiest solution I found is to just keep the default left internal margin at 10, and then there is no visual difference between the correct answer and all the others. I personally think this is a small bug (users should be able to change the internal margins of the text box without alignment issues when users are actually using your course), but I'm OK using the workaround I suggested above.

Katie Riggio

Thanks for reaching out, Allison – and for sharing that helpful workaround! I'm certain others will find that useful.

I'm curious if you see this alignment issue after publishing your course as well? As my colleague, Leslie, mentioned above – we're happy to dig into any file if you need us to take a closer look ☺️ feel free to publicly share it in this thread, or privately here with our Support Engineers!

Daniel Charron

I wanted to increase the space between the radio button and the answers.

All the false answers keep the good spacing (the spacing I was looking for). All the right answers are closer to the radio button. I suppose they use the predefined spacing.

So if you don't read the question and answer but make your choice based on the spacing, you can get 100% good answers!

Where is it possible to adjust this spacing to be consistent? Where is the master slide for the answers?



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Daniel,

There isn't a master slide for the way answers are spaced, as the slide master is for any question slide not specific to a radio button/checkbox. 

I've seen folks look at adjusting the spacing as well, and what we found was needed to adjust the spacing of the correct answer first, and then you could format paint it to the other buttons. 

Oleg Vikharev

This is probably irrelevant for the topic starter, but if you are experiencing that issue, the thing is that you've probably changed the distance between a radio button and an answer, and Storyline changes that distance only for one state of the object.

Here is a workaround to try:

1. Select your correct option

2, Go to States

3. Set initial state for that option as Normal using the dropdown menu

4. Check if the answer moves closer to the radio button. If it does, then go to Format shape > Text box > and set the required margin.

That should do it.