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Sep 18, 2013

Hi all!

I have a project with restricted menu navigation. Menu items show only instruction slides and there are quiz slides but not there in the menu and they can be accessed through clicks in the instruction slides. There is result slide at the end. Students after taking quiz, when they preview the quiz to see their attempts, the score is calculated without any error. But when they want to see their response on individual quiz slides, it takes them to instruction slides as well. As it is unnecessary during quiz preview to see instruction slide, is there any way to show only quiz slides?

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Siva Kumar

Hi Justin. Good Morning from Muscat.

Thank you so much. You people are real heroes! Hats off to you.

The screenr is indeed useful and I could achieve the objective without any difficulty. The purpose is solved. 

But I am little inquisitive. I am not using question bank as just two or three questions after every content slide. Therefore I want to trigger from a quiz slide. As hinted in the screenr, I have created a variable IsQuizAttemptFirst and available. My quiz slides does not have 'prev' or 'next' button. But during review it appears! How will I trigger an event when the 'next' button is clicked as it is not available in the quiz slide?

Thanks again.

Have a nice day!

Siva Kumar


Thanks again for your support. I have gone through them.

I think I did not tell clearly about my problem.

I dont want to hide prev/next slide in quiz preview, rather want to add trigger with that next button so that it will skip content slide. There is no  next button in content slide. But quiz preview shows the next button on which I want to add a trigger and I am struck.

Thanks again...



Justin Grenier

Hello again, Siva.

If your Previous and Next buttons are disabled when taking the quiz, you won't be able to attach triggers to them during quiz review.  Instead, you'll need to (a) disable the next/previous buttons during quiz review (here or here) and use variables and triggers to enable custom navigation buttons once the quiz slides have been visited at least once. 

Feel free to share your .story project file with us if you're stumped, and please let us know if you need anything else. Thanks!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Justin and Siva,

If I'm interpreting your question correctly, Siva, I think a solution provided by Mike Enders may work. I created a screencast here that explains the process. Also on that page is a link to thread in the community where you can download my sample file and see Mike's post.

Apologies if I've misunderstanding.

Siva Kumar

Hi Justin and Rebecca

Thanks for your efforts in addressing my problems.

Yes. Exactly what Rebecca's solution is the one looking for.

Hi, Rebecca, I have done the same as your screener but my quiz is an MCQ. and submit button seems to be not working when I have my (pseudo) next button trigger added!

Apologies if I miss out something....

Please have a look  at the attached file

Thanks in advance

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