Retry Quiz

Sep 16, 2013

When a learner submits an incorrect answer to a quiz, I want them automatically returned to the relevant course slide. Then I want them to return to the quiz question and try again. I want them to be free to do this as many times as they want. Most of them want to keep trying until they get 100% correct.

If I set quiz Attempts to 1 and set the relevant Branching slide, then they automatically return to the slide with the answer. This part works fine.

But when they return to the quiz question to fix their prior answer, they can't do it. Their question is locked in. Do they have to go to the Results slide and click Retry Quiz before they can fix the question they missed? Is there an easier way that eliminates the Results slide step? Also, the Results slide does not show up in the Menu, which is another problem. Am I missing an easy way to accomplish what I want?

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