Quiz bank problem

Nov 06, 2012

I'm trying to create a new slide from a question bank but keep getting the following message,

"Question banks may not contain draw from bank slides"

I have already create a slide using a question bank and didn't have any problems?

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Mike Enders


The error message makes it sound as if you're trying to create a question bank slide within the question bank itself?

You'll receive this message if you are viewing your question bank and then insert another draw from bank question.  

Make sure that you are in your main course slide structure when you insert a new draw from bank question and this should clear it up.


Sarah humby

I'm getting the same error message - and it's not due to a slide draw in the question bank.

This is what happens:

1. I create a project with questions

2. I import/move those questions into the default question bank (If I copy them in the problem doesn't arise) - I don't put the results slide in the question bank

3. I then insert a slide draw into the project (not into the question bank)

And the 'Question banks may not contain draw from bank slides' error message appears!

This doesn't seem to happen if I copy the question slides into the question bank (and then delete them from the project itself)


Johny Brawo

I have the same problem witch my project.
Now I can`t publish my project witch question bank.
First error window I see when I copy one scene from another working well project witch question bank.
Question bank was empty without questions.
Now I see always this bug when I create question bank in my project.
New project witch question bank working well.

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