Quiz banks, variables and triggers

Apr 19, 2013

Please can someone help me? I have created a quiz in Storyline that consists of 20 questions - each question is pulled from its own question bank at random. As someone goes through the quiz answering questions, I want to count the number of questions answered correctly. I assume this can be done easily enough by using a variable?

However when the count reaches 10, I want to display a slide (as a lightbox??) that shows they have reached 10 out of 20, when the count gets to 15 I want to display another slide showing they have reached 15 etc. I guess I also need to reset the variable at some point?? I would appreciate someones help with this thank you

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Justin Whayman

Thank you for this Phil. As I only want this to increment when someone answers a question correctly I think I will need to add the increment on the COntinue button of the correct layer ??? Also do you know if Storyline will reset the variable when the quiz is restarted or do I have to do this manually? thank you

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