Quiz completion triggers color change of button on start page

Hi friends

Is it it possible to trigger a button/shape from another slide so it changes state? I would like a button/shape on my first slide to turn from green to blue when user has completed the quiz (or red when not passed). Is it possible to make a results score percent from a Result slide trigger the color (state) of a shape or button on another slide?

Hope you can help.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marie,

You could set this up using some additional variables - so for example, create a variable titled QuizPassed with the initial state set to False. You'll set a trigger on the Success results layer to change the state of the Variable to true and on the start page, you'll set the button/shape to change states to green if "QuizPassed" equals true. You'll do the same for "QuizFailed" and set it to change to red if "QuizFailed" is set to True, and you'll want to change the value of that variable on the Failure results layer. 

Graham Betts

I am sure you have checked this but have you checked the button state for the "Passed" state that it actually looks the way you need it to look? If it looks the same as the normal state it wont appear any different when the variable changes. If this is the case edit the button for the "Passed" state to look the way you need it to.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Erica,

I'd also check the order of the triggers on your results slide. You'll want to ensure the adjust variable trigger comes prior to the button state trigger. If you're still having difficulty it may be helpful to share the .story file here with us so that we can take a look at how it's behaving.