Quiz Correct feedback not translating

Jan 22, 2015

I exported the english and translated everything in the word doc.  When I re-upload the translations 99% of the text is translated properly, but for some reason the text I added to translate the Correct Feedback on quizzes isn't updated in SL.

Is this a known issue or is there a special trick to translate positive feedback? Negative feedback translated just fine.

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Marty Slapnik

Ok, I'm getting loopy.  The Correct feedback did not update because I did not have any custom feedback for my questions.  

The response changed to French because I changed the player language to French, and the default feedback was provided.

I have what I need, but i'm 85% sure that custom, incorrect feedback is NOT being updated when you import a translated document back into SL2.

Marty Slapnik

This proves my point.  In the attached file there is a question bank with 2 questions.  On one question I have customized both the Incorrect and Correct feedback.  On the other question I did not touch the feedbacks at all.

Take this file and export the translation doc with reference column.  In all fields where it says Correct, Incorrect, or any of the custom and default feedback, add some text to the end of each line of text.  I just added (Spanish) to the end of every line so we can see what gets updated, and what does not.

Import the translation and check out the feedbacks on both questions.  The Q that I edited feedback for updates (YAY!).  The Q with default feedback does not update (BOO!)

If the default feedback exports in the translation file (which it does) I would expect it to be updated when importing back into the course :)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marty, 

I'm not sure this is the correct file? I open it up and found one slide with a bunch of buttons that direct to two different slides - no questions slides or feedback elements? 

Also, I'm getting a bit confused in your posts here - so I wanted to clarify a few things:
 - Is the behavior now happening for any feedback, regardless of correct or incorrect layer?
- Is the behavior happening on custom feedback you've added or the default feedback Storyline includes? 
- When you're editing the feedback in the translation document are you making changes for the custom fields and the default fields? 

It may help if you're able to share a screen recording of the steps you're going through since as I mentioned the posts here seem to be contradictory. 

Marty Slapnik

Look at the Question Bank.  That is where the 2 questions are that I'm referring to.

When I edit the feedback of a question in the Bank, that feedback is translated as expected when I re-import my translated word doc, which is what I was expecting.

If I DO NOT edit the feedback (i.e. leave the default text), this text is not updated when the word doc is re-imported.

Export the text and try to change all of the feedback for both questions.  You will see that the text updates for one question, but not the other.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marty,

Sorry I missed where you said in the question bank - and since there wasn't a slide draw slide I didn't think to look in the standard place holder. 

Using your file, I export and made changes to both - and then imported the translation document and saw that the question slides that had the default feedback text included didn't change. I also confirmed that the text was there by reexporting that file for translation. 

I'm going to share this with our Quality Assurance team for review, although I cannot offer a time frame in regards to when I'll hear back from them but I'll post any additional updates here. 

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