Quiz feedback issue and blured animation SL2

Feb 19, 2015

Hello all,

We have recently moved over from SL1 to 2. In SL1 I used to remove the trigger on the quiz feedback layers that would hide the layer when they click continue, this was so that it was still there when they went back though. In SL2 I can remove this trigger and when I preview the scene it works as in SL1, but if the whole course is previewed it ignores that the trigger is no longer there and hides the layer. Anyone else come across this and or know a fix?


Also anything that is animated seems to be of a worse quality when it is moving. I'm guessing this is so that it can preform the animation smoother, but it does look unsightly! Anyone know if it is some sort of setting I can change for better quality animation? All the setting in the publish lot are set to max.


Thanks in advance


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nick,

Did you also check your slide layer properties for those questions to see that they're set to "resume saved state"? If so, and you're still having difficulty could we take a look at one of your SL1 files to see how it behaves when upgrading it? 

In regards to the animations, are you referring to the image quality or the quality of the animation (terms of speed, smoothness, etc.)? 

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