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Something is definitely wrong with Storyline. In addition to all the issues mentioned in my earlier post about Storyline being very slow and creating theme files that seem to grow on their own. I am in a new project and when I open the feedback master after adding a graded question, I see that there are 132 Master Styles????? I attach a screenshot, after deleting a few. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to delete more than one Style at a time. Is there?

Does anyone else is having the 'fun' I am having with Storyline?

Confused and frustrated.

Alain Gauthier
North American Construction Group

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Ren Gomez

Hi Alain,

Sorry to hear you keep running into lagging issues with Storyline! You should be able to Shift+select multiple master feedback slides to delete master files you don't need.

When I open up a new file and access the Feedback Master, I only come across two default master slides. Are you importing slides from another project that may be causing multiple master slides to appear?

I see that you've repaired Storyline in the last case, but if you keep running into this problem, feel free to reach out to one of our support engineers to take a closer look at your specific file.

Carol Dungan Logie

I've had the same thing happen, when I import slides from another SL360 project. I'm guessing that it treats the imported slides as children of the main master and adds it in. Then when you import slides from THAT file into yet another SL project, it seems to snowball from there. I've had 25 masters at one point. I've made it a point to clean out the hitchhiker masters before I consider the project complete. And still occasionally, there are masters that won't delete even when I click on every slide and make sure they're all drawing on the main master layout.

A merge/replace function for masters would be a great feature.