Quiz Function Dilemma: Need Advice

Jan 20, 2016

First, thanks in advance for any help here.

My client is requesting the following experience for testers (no lms integration):

---The tester is not allowed to know whether the answers he/she has chosen is correct or not.  (Okay, erase the text in the feedback options.)

---Tester should have the ability to make 1 attempt before moving to the next question.  (Okay, set up question to have 1 attempt capability.) Although the tester can have only 1 attempt to answer before moving to the next question, the client wants the tester to have the ability to ALSO

---skip a question and go back to it later and answer.

---change an answer when reviewing the question later.

---flag a question whether answered or skipped.

My challenge: 

How can I reconcile the competing functions of answering only once and then progressing yet giving the tester the ability to review and change answers later?




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David Jordan

Here is a possible solution. I didnt competently fill out the slides as that would be a lot of tedious work :) but i did the 1st question with the option to flag/skip. 

 I think the key here, is the have a slide between the quiz and the results page where the user can see what questions they flagged/skipped with the option to go back and answer the questions skipped. 

demo: https://goo.gl/1qoHQe

.story attached

Kathleen Baldwin

Hi David J and David A:

Can you help me with one more hurdle?

David J, your advice has worked wonders.  I've attached what I have thus far, and it looks and works great IF the quiz taker follows directions.  If a quiz taker doesn't follow directions, a non-intuitive experience occurs:  

I've set up the following:

---If click Skip icon, one goes to next slide.

---If click Submit icon, both Skip and Submit icons get hidden.

---The quiz taker can move backwards/forwards via:

        1. Standard previous/next buttons available (These appear only after clicking submit, and I don't know how this happens but I like the experience for the quiz taker anyway.)

        2. A skipped question link from the review slide.

        3. The Menu

The challenge:  If someone is on a question slide and:

    1--Does not answer the question, and

    2--Does not click skip, and

    3--Clicks Submit, then...

....the Invalid Answer Feedback window appears with the statement, "You must complete the question before submitting."  Once the quiz taker clicks "Ok" from this window:

        A--The quiz taker can technically answer the question and it will record yet the quiz taker will not intuitively know this.

        B--The Skip and Submit icons are hidden and there are no Previous/Next buttons causing confusion for the quiz taker to know how to navigate.

        C--The Menu is available for the quiz taker to go to the next slide by clicking on the appropriate slide from the menu, yet, again, the quiz taker may not intuitively do that.

I'd love some more help here.

Note:   I've already tried to edit the feedback master which does not show an "Invalid Answer" slide to edit.

Question:   Do I somehow change the State options somehow for the submit/skip icons?


David Jordan

Situation A:

I think the user would know this, as the system just told them they must answer the question to continue.

Situation B:

until an answer is submitted, why would you hide the submit button? How will they click submit when answering a question if it is hidden? or am i misunderstanding this situation?

I would think that you would leave the submit and skip options available. even if they try to submit with no answer, so once they close the dialog that appears they are still presented with two options, submit or skip.

Situation C:

Im not a fan of access to menus during the quizzes. Personally i would take that feature out. I always create a custom menu and give access to it through a button throughout the module, and not have the button available during the quiz. 

having the menu there during the quiz would allow a user to skip a question without using the skip feature and could "break" the process i think. 

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