Quiz ID and LMS Test Analysis

Has anyone else run into the issue with Storyline's internal quiz question ID not sorting correctly on a LMS report? Hard to describe I guess but the issue seems to come from using a single digit slide identifier.


The full ID looks like this to the LMS:

When the number of questions is above 10 then it sorts after 1.

Questions in the 20s sorts after 2. Etc...

Is this by design or a possible oversight?

I noticed a lot of confused people going back many years in the CSOD forums reporting funky reports in CSOD from Articulate quizzes.

Also is it possible to populate the displaytext tag in the forms.xml file to show the actual question rather than "Pick One" so we can see the text in the LMS reports?

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John Denner

Sorry I should have said I was using SCORM 2004 3rd Edition. Otherwise none of this would be an issue since like you said, 1.2 doesn't send questions. :)

So it sounds like you also have this issue? I don't personally know anybody who sequences 10 before 2 or 24 before 3 when sorting from smallest to largest. Typically the standard practice is to make single digits into double digits by adding a zero. 01 02 ...  I don't want to presume that Articulate is sending quiz IDs in less than a desirable format but wanted to see if anyone else experiences this behavior. Storyline is technically sending the question without any issues. It's just the xml tags and quiz IDs that Storyline generates that could maybe be better.

Maybe a bug report needs to be submitted but like my original post asked, I wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this behavior but maybe never knew why.