Quiz: Multiple Selection not working

Feb 06, 2014

Took a slide with 8 buttons and then did a freeform conversion listing the 8 buttons as

selections (designate 2 or 3 as correction options).  But when Previewing I see only the

the last button switches to a "Selection" state allow the other buttons allow for it. 
Double checked the "Edit Quiz" and it says pick "Choices" and I picked a couple buttons

but when previewing only the last button allows for selection (state). What do I need to

do to get these questions working?


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ted hildebrandt

Okay I figured it out.  I had a series of buttons with Arrows under them pointing down to letters.

Apparently the arrows while visually not impairing the buttons their shape did and when I (by mistake

happened to roll over the top of the button I noticed it came alive).  So I selected all the buttons

Aligned to the Front and low and behold everything worked properly.  Whew!  That solved it. 

Kind of found this "solution" by mistake... but it is a solution for the problem nonetheless. 

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