Quiz not greying out in menu

Sep 10, 2014

I've inserted a quiz into my storyline project; however, upon taking the quiz (either passing or failing), in the menu bar of the player, it is not "greying" out to indicate that I've completed that task as it does with all other topics. Of course, since I have my player restricted, this becomes an issue, as learners can't re-access without returning to a topic prior to the quiz.


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Emily Ruby

Hello Kelly and Welcome to Heroes!

Are you using a question bank for this particular quiz that is having issues? If not, can you share a copy of your .story file using the paperclip icon, or we share it as an example for our QA team.

I have seen this previously, and have shared this thread with our QA team, and as of now we do not have information about an update.

The workaround is to click the items in the menu, it just does not work using the Next button.

Let us know if you need anything else.

Kelly Rynearson

Emily -

Yes, I am using a question bank. Ultimately, I'm wondering if this will affect the way my LMS handles completion (using Moodle). If it's simply a menu issue, it's not a huge deal; however, if it affects whether or not my LMS will indicate it's complete, that's when this becomes a big problem. Is this something I can solve in the interim by removing the menu? Not ideal, but can be done if necessary.

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