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Sarah Meredith

Hi Emily,


I'm experiencing the same issue. I have 2 banks of questions (20 questions in each) both reporting to a single results slide. I have answered all correctly (i've checked and re-checked) yet i'm only scoring 97.5% - What's happening to my remaining 2.5%?


Any help appreciated as this will be used for collating results which form part of an accredited examination, so it needs to be accurate.


Happy to share the .story file

Many thanks, Sarah

Wendy Farmer

Sure thing. It's hard with the drag and drops as the spreadsheet doesn't have the answers - so trying to work out which question is reporting incorrectly is hard especially as you don't have review quiz working

Not sure if this has anything to do with it.  Q11.5 the answer options in the spreadsheet differ slightly to the slide - could you be answering this one incorrectly?

Sarah Meredith

I will provide you with the answers for DND's if easier? - but as I say the answers applied are the correct ones - so if you look at the set up of the Q and answer in that way.

Some of the question wording has been amended but essentially if you answer the questions with the responses I have set to correct - it does not report a 100% pass which it should.

I'm not using a review option due to the nature of the module - we do not want users to know if they have answered correctly or not - just a final score. I had inserted a review function to see if i could zero in on the issue - but this reported incorrect responses where i had answered correctly, so there appears to be an issue with that also.