Quiz progress indicator

Feb 09, 2015

Has anyone implemented an on-screen quiz progress indicator?  Something simple that would show Total questions, number of questions so far, and number answered correctly?


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Sam Carter

IMO learners want an indicator of some kind.  "Should I finish the quiz or go to lunch?" kind of thing.

We opt for placing simple text progress like 4 of 10 in a slide corner.

The slide master has a %n% of 10 and the quiz itself has a trigger to set variable n.

Now this works but you've got to be careful for a random draw. 

There is an intro slide that tells the learner you gotta get this passing score etc, but importantly, sets variable n to zero.

Every random draw question drawn sets variable n = n +1

So far so good.

Learner passes great.  Learner fails, send him back to the quiz intro so variable n is reset to zero for the next round. 

Now... what happens if you include a "Review Quiz" button. This is a problem, it may work out if the Review Quiz button has a trigger to set variable n = 0 again.


Ben Brink

I managed to make a progress bar that indicates the progress that is made during a test, even when questions are randomly drawn from the question bank.

My solution:

First, make a variable, let say progress

Build a trigger setting this variable to the value zero before the test starts

Add a trigger to the submit button that add a value to the variable

Insert a slider in the question

Have the slider value equal to the value of the variable progress

This way, the number of times the submit button is used, determines the slider value

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