Quiz question text jumbled upon publish

From Storyline 2, when I view the published content (Web), the multiple choice quiz question choices have the text all jumbled up.  Examples attached.  When I click on the individual selections, they straighten out.

The text box options are all greyed out.  I'm not sure how to address this.  These quiz slides were imported from a previous quizmaker project.

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Jerry Beaucaire

In the SLIDE VIEW, check the width of each text box for each answer, insure they are the same width as the longest choice.

After that, I do this to add some space and help with this issue, which I've encountered sporadically here and there.

  1. Grab the bottom answer and drag it down a short ways to add space.
  2. Now select all the answer boxes at the same time
  3. Use the ALIGN VERTICALLY tool to spread that space out evenly among the boxes

See if that helps.   My two cents.   I don't have SL2, so presuming the alignment tools are the same.  If not you could still manually space the boxes out a bit more.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jonathan,

If Jerry's suggestions don't clear it up, we're happy to take a look at your .story file to do some testing. Are you able to share a copy of your file with us? If so, you can upload at this link using the Add Attachment button or you always have an option to share privately with our Support Engineers. Either way, we'll delete it when done testing.