Quiz Questions

Sep 01, 2015

1. When I use the "Matching-Drag-n-Drop" quiz item type, the text size varies dynamically, depending on how much text is in the object. So a drop object with 2 lines of text uses a text size smaller than a drop object with 1 line of text. How do I specify for all of the text in all the objects to be the same size?


2. Can I have an image show within the feedback for a quiz item?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cindy, 

1. This is expected so that all the objects stay the same size, so the text shrinks and wraps in the object. If they weren't the same size, it may be easier to determine what was correct/incorrect based on how they lined up with the drop choices.

2. Sure, you'll want to add any images to the feedback layers of the individual questions if it's specific or to the feedback masters if you'd like to see it across the content. 

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