Quiz questions disabling - not working


Please can someone have a quick look over this video and let me know what I have done wrong. If you preview the scene/or the course the questions does not work. it freezes, when you replay the slide sometimes it works, but other times it doesn't. When you preview just that one slide it works but when you try to test the scene again! Help a very frustrated novice e-learner. thankyou 


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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Lynne.

Thank you for sharing your video showing what's happening in your project!

Without seeing your .story file, it's hard to tell what exactly is causing it. However, I did notice you had two triggers on your submit button for that specific question, and one of them was to submit the results of the results slide. If you disable that trigger, does your file work as expected?

If not, would you feel comfortable sharing your file here so we can take a look? You can also submit it privately through a support case

Let me know if this works!