Quiz Questions report to SCORM but not count toward completion score

May 22, 2019

Hello all,

Working on an eLearning with two kinds of quiz questions:  Knowledge Checks (interspersed) and Assessment (all grouped together at the end).

We would like all the questions to report to SCORM but only have the Assessment questions count toward completing the course.

I attempted to adjust the points to zero for the Knowledge Check questions and changed the passing percentage to compensate, but it didn't work.

Any suggestions?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Mark. Storyline will send quiz data from all questions that are tracked by a results slide in a course that uses that same results slide to track completion in the publishing options. A course communicates that it is complete to the LMS when the learner reaches that results slide.

Let me grab some details from you so we can help you determine a solution:

  • Do you need to track a score from the Assessment questions? It sounds like you don't, but you still want the responses.
  • Is it possible to "complete" this course without viewing or taking the Knowledge Checks? In other words, is it possible to skip the Knowledge Checks?
  • Are you looking to measure the growth from the Knowledge Check responses to the Assessment responses? I wasn't sure if those questions were duplicated in both sections.

Thanks for sharing your challenges!

Mark Chandler

Thanks for getting back to me, Crystal.  I'll address your request for more info in order below:

  • We do not wish to track the score from the Knowledge Check questions.  Only from the end Assessment.  We merely want the SCORM data to determine the quality of the questions for future improvement.  This is an annual training.
  • We do not wish the user to be able to skip the Knowledge Check questions.  They would serve as content review, at best.
  • This effort is mainly to validate the quality of the questions.  We are not hoping to measure growth from start to finish of this one course.  However, since this is an annual training event, we would like to measure retention year over year.

These things can be difficult to convey.  Please let me if you require further info.

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