Quiz Randomisation: New randomisation when you retry the quiz?

May 15, 2013


I'm working on a course that has a quiz where 10 questions are taken randomly from a pool of 15. This all works fine but when i click the retry button, it gives me the quiz in the previous order taken with the same questions.

Is there a way to generate a new, random question set on clicking the retry button?



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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the community, Shane!

When you go to retry the questions, are the previous answers already selected? If so, it may be the revisiting settings for those questions. Try setting those to "Reset to initial state". 

For the random draw of the question, it's best to pull a smaller number of questions from a larger group of questions. 

For example, with the amount of questions you're currently using and pulling, you're going to see a lot of of the same questions when you retry. This will happen even if you randomize the questions. You may want to try pulling less, or adding more questions to pull from. There's only 5 additional questions in your pool, so the chances are pretty great that you'll see repeat questions.

So, say you have 50 questions. If you pull 20 questions from that group of 50, it's possible that you may see some repeat questions, but probably not as likely if you were to pull 30. If you were to pull 40, then it would definitely happen. 

I hope this makes sense :) If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thanks and welcome again, Shane!

Shane McCarthy

Thanks Christine,

No, i had already set the "Reset to initial state" option on each of the question slides. I kept track of the questions it was asking me as i went through the first time and when i clicked retry, the same questions in the same order were presented to me again.

Any other ideas?

You are only allowed 2 attempts at the assessment. I've set a variable to track this and show different layers on the Results slide based on the attempt variable.

When you click the retry button, i'm sending them back to a welcome screen first before they take the assessment again - does this make a difference?

Shane McCarthy

Figured it out.

It wasn't randomising on the retry because i had the trigger to reset placed after the trigger to jump to the welcome slide. Once i moved the trigger to be the first item to be executed, it works. This actually fixed a couple of other issues i was having also, in relation to incrementing variables.

Thanks for the quick reply anyway!

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