Quiz re-starting in wrong place

Aug 08, 2022

I am having problems with a test that I have created using Articulate. The course consists of 100 randomised questions (from a bank of 250) and a common problem we are experiencing is the system freezing mid way through the test and when resumed, restarting a lot further back than where they where the users where up to when it froze. In some cases the users were almost at the end of the 100 questions when the system froze and have restarted near the start. Obviously not happy users! I have set the course to re-start where the users left off within the course but it doesn't seem to work correctly. Any ideas?

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Tracy Parish

Unsure what the reasoning might be, but have you thought of breaking the questions into smaller scenes.  Maybe 10 scenes each with 10 questions pulling from 25 question banks in each.

I've had similar experiences with learner frustration about freezing with a very large course.  Breaking it into smaller chunks worked for me and allowed them to leave and come back with less disruption to the overall course.

I'm not sure if it's still true, but one part of a course you couldn't resume in the past was the quiz section.  It would always restart.  I haven't tested that to see if that is still the case.

Mark Stephenson

Thanks Tracy.

Breaking the assessment wasn't possible because they need an overall pass mark of 80%. If we break it up, they could potentially fail an entire set of questions and subsequently the whole test, yet overall have enough correct answers to achieve over 80% (hope you follow).

The quiz does resume but it appears to be at a single random point in the set!?!

My head hurts!!