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Mar 04, 2013

I have a quiz in my course using a question bank, the quiz draws 10 random questions from the pool of 13.  Succesful completion of the quiz communicates the completion of the course to the LMS

We would like to have bookmarking enabled so that learners can return to where they left off if they leave the course.

We would like them to be able to review the quiz with the answers.

We will direct them to a results page, pass or fail, then direct them to leave the course (requirements from the customer)

When they re-launch the course, we would like to reset the quiz to it's initial state, regardless of how they peformed on the original attempt and regardless of the bookmark location when they left the course.

I cannot figure out the correct combination to reset the quiz for every attempt and bookmarking.  The quiz resets without bookmarking, but does not reset if bookmarking is enabled.  Is there a setting I am missing that will make this work for me?

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Gustaf Sylvin

Phil Mayor said:

Hi Garth, storyline cannot resume and reset the quiz t the same time, you have not missed anything.  Yu may want to put  in a feature request

Is there a way to reset the quiz or exercise?

I have created a drag and drop. It the user does it incorrectly I would like the retry button to reset the page with all drag object to their original positions.



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