Quiz Result Criteria Change

Nov 05, 2020

Storyline 3 - Have a client who requires a learner to retake a quiz if score is less than 80%. On the retake, client wants passing score raised to 85% (company policy). Since LMS reporting is based on only one results slide, don't see how it can be done unless there's a way to flag the minimum score to change based upon the retake count. Suggestions?

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Judy Nollet

It might be possible with JavaScript, but I simply don't know.  

How big are the tests? Just setting the passing score to 85% doesn't seem like a burden unless you've got dozens and dozens of questions. For a 20-question quiz, 80% = 16 questions and 85%=17 questions. So that's just 1 extra question they'd have to answer correctly if the quiz always requires 85% to pass.

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