Quiz Review button not showing Hotspot question right answer

Jun 22, 2023

Hi there,

We have a hotspot question where they have to just click on the hotspot on the screen to get the answer right. We also have a review quiz button too. 

The review works for our other types of questions but for the hotspot if you get it wrong it will not show you the correct hotspot position. Is it possible to have a highlight or something appear to show the correct location of the hotspot when reviewing questions?

We are using Storyline 3.

Thank you.

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Kelly, 

Happy to help!

Since hotspots are invisible by nature, you can simply add a shape or object that will appear on the slide once the 'incorrect' layer is displayed to give your learners a visual indicator of where the correct answer is. I've attached a demo file so you can see how I did this. 

In the demo file, you'll see that I added a variable in the project which is responsible for tracking if the question has been answered. When the value of this variable is set to 'true', the slide will then animate the indicator to show where the correct answer is. 

Let me know if you have any questions!