Quiz review error?


I have created a short quiz with a review button on the success layer. To test I have passed the quiz with 100% correct. Yet if I review the quiz all answers are shown as incorrect. Question number 7 was answered correctly. The green tick shows the correct answer. The bar at the bottom should show correct.

Can I edit the review quiz area at all, as the way correct and incorrect are shown does not match our style at all?

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Barbara van de Velde

Good idea, however, my quiz is random and I am not sure to how to go back to the same set of questions in this case.

I also wonder how to prevent results to be calculated again at the end. With set questions I could circumvent the results slide using triggers, but on a random quiz this becomes more challenging.

Thank you, though. For my next course I may not need random questions and then I can try creating custom review layers.

If you do have an idea how to solve this in a random quiz, please let me know.

I think I know what causes my other issue. Questions are set to return to initial state, because I want users to to move between questions freely before submitting results. This seems to delete the answers given on the review. I tried using auto state and saved state, but then users are not allowed to change their answers. Please, let me know if you have any ideas on this one.