Review Quiz Incorrect/Correct Answers Not Working As Expected

Jan 09, 2020

I built a quiz in SL360 and have a review quiz button at the end. The button is set to Review Only Incorrect Questions; however, when I go through the review, I am still shown all correct and incorrect answers. Any ideas for why that might be?

Also, the only way I can preview my course is by selecting preview this scene -- previewing the entire project either takes forever or doesn't work at all.

Attached is a shortened version of the exam.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jordan

you're correct it is reviewing all questions even though the option to only review incorrect questions is selected.  I would log a support ticket with Articulate and get them to check it out...

Re comment about previewing I agree but once you have previewed entire project or entire scene did you know you can use the 'select' in the preview window to choose where to go from

Jordan Best

Hi Mark,

I had to delete my Results slide and rebuild it. There was something corrupt with that slide specifically. After that, everything worked as intended. Give it a try, and hopefully that will resolve your issues!

(P.S. I think I actually started a new project, copied my slides over, and then inserted a new results slide. When I deleted the Results slide from the original project, the build-in Results variables were still there, and I had to get rid of them before it worked)

Eric Santos

Welcome to the E-Learning Heroes Community, Jan! 🎉

I'm sorry you've hit this snag regarding the Review Quiz settings; I'm happy to help troubleshoot this. I started by creating the attached Storyline project with five questions and a Result slide. I set both Review Quiz buttons in the Success and Failure layers to Review only incorrect questions.

Review Quiz options

Tests show that the Review Quiz functionality works as intended; it only shows the incorrect questions when the learner passes or fails. Feel free to download and test my sample project. 

If you see a different result with your course, we're happy to help troubleshoot your Storyline file if you're comfortable sharing it here. You may also send it along privately in a support case so our talented support engineers can look at it. We'll delete it when we're done testing!

Eric Santos

Hi Wendy,

I’m glad you found the sample file helpful! I appreciate you testing the quiz sample, and I can confirm that what you saw is a bug we are monitoring where screen readers are not reading the green check marks in Review Quiz.

I’m sorry you’re running into this. We’re working on it and will let you know when we have any news to share on a fix. If it works for you, consider making a custom Review layer to make it accessible for now.

Thank you, Wendy.