Review results showing both correct and incorrect questions when only incorrect is checked

I have a final assessment .story file attached which is set to "Review only incorrect questions" when the student clicks on the review button.  However, the review process shows both correct and incorrect questions.  Not good.  I have the question slides set to "Automatically decide" when revisiting.  I normally use my own navigation buttons, but while troubleshooting I turned the player buttons on (makes no difference).  I have bolded the correct answers for this sample, you will want to get one or two correct and the others incorrect.  I have the very latest version of SL360 v3.52.25247.0.  

Help please!

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Bill Dane

Apparently, since I was previewing or publishing just the assessment scene, this behavior was happening, but was informed by you support staff that if I were to preview or publish the whole project, it would work correctly.  He was right.  I wouldn't have thought there would have been a difference.  Actually, he said there shouldn't be a difference, so he will have the dev team look into it further.

One thing I did notice is that when a quiz review is only showing the wrong questions, and if you have your own navigation buttons (not using the Player buttons), the typical trigger "Jump to slide next slide" navigates to the next question, whether correct or incorrect.  However, I did some digging around in the html in the player, and found the player's previous and next buttons have an ID (prev and next) and are in the html whether displayed or not (in both the classic and modern player, FYI), so I edited the triggers to fire off a javascript command of document.getElementById('next').click().  Works fine now.