Quiz review (Incorrect) doesn't reset after retaking quiz

Jul 23, 2014


I have a course that has 5 questions. For the quiz, I chose the properties, "Allow user to review quiz" and "Show correct/incorrect responses when reviewing".

The problem is that if I get a couple of questions wrong the first time I take the quiz and then select the "Retry Quiz" and get all of the answers correct, when I get to my results slide and select "Review Quiz" button the incorrect result is still showing on the bottom even if the 2nd time around I got them correct. The correct answers show, but the "Incorrect" label is still showing at the bottom of the screen.

Is there a way to reset that? I tried a bunch of things but nothing has worked so far.

Thank you!

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Brooke,

Hmmm. That's odd. It sounds like the quiz IS being reset, since you've said the correct answer is showing.

Question: Let's say you get them all correct the first time. When you click Review, does the same thing happen? That is, does the correct answer show but the Incorrect label is showing at the bottom of the screen?

I'm asking because this happens if the When Revisiting dropdown in the Quiz Properties isn't set to "Resume Saved State". You can access this dialog box by clicking the gear icon near the bottom right of the Quiz slide window. If it's currently set to something else, try resetting it to"Resume Saved State."

If that's not it, please let us know. And perhaps you could upload a couple quiz slides and the Results slide.

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