(Storyline 2) Review Quiz displays "incorrect" on correct answers

Nov 20, 2014

HELP! I have a simple exam with 75 questions that draws from a 100-question bank. I have the exam set to review quiz at the end, and have set up pop-up review layers that appear when a user gets the question incorrect.

It all works fabulously through the story.html file (i.e., when it is launched locally or on the server). When we launch it through the LMS (published in SCORM 1.2), we see wonky behavior. Although the score is recorded and reported accurately, when reviewing answers, some appear as incorrect, even if they are correct, like this:

Incorrect answers show up the right way (i.e., they say "incorrect" and have the appropriate feedback).

Per an earlier discussion thread I saw, I reset the slide properties to "resume saved state":

(That didn't do anything, though I am concerned about what happens when users retake the exam)

This is what it is supposed to look like when incorrect/correct:

I'd appreciate any direction on how to get the LMS version to work correctly.




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Lesli Woodruff

We have been troubleshooting this and other related issues for months. We have disabled the "review" function because it is frankly just too inconsistent. Also, we've found a glitch where results are not reported correctly if you submit all the answers at the end (i.e., taking off the submit button from individual questions). We think this is a result of the number of database calls the SL files make when the answers are submitted.

If you don't need to randomize or choose a subset of questions, you could try the questions without a question bank. We think that may be one of the issues as well (though it doesn't work for our purposes).

There have been several SL updates since we've had the issues and, while I think they've gotten closer, I don't think they've solved it.

Good luck, and do post here if you figure out a better solution!


Shannon Tumolo

Hi Stephanie,

I am having a similar problem. The question is an open-ended entry and set to "Automatically Decide". The content is proprietary, however to you have a private method whereby I could share the slide with you?

Very similar to what is being mentioned above - previews fine, however when the user takes the course, the correct answer is showing as incorrect.

I'm sure I'm just a donut and missing something - any chance you could help me out?


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