Quiz review Next buttons seems to be disabled

Oct 09, 2014

I have upgraded a number of projects with quizzes to Storyline 2 and I have encountered an issue that I have never noticed before: During quiz review the Next button acts as if it is disabled if the user submitted the answer on the base slide before the base slide timeline completed. If the base slide timeline totally completes, the Next buttons work just fine during quiz review. I often do this during quality control checks. 

I have devised a workaround by adding 2 triggers to the base layer of each quiz question:

  • Change the state of the Submit button to disabled when the timeline starts.
  • Change the state of the Sumit button to normal when the timeline ends.

While this works, I now have a situation that might frustrate a learner who wants to work more quickly. I have a little "system message" appear on the first quiz item, but none of this seems very elegant and it slows production time.

So, has anyone else encountered this phenomenon? I have searched the forums and not found it posted anywhere else. 

Additional note: These files are all on my local machine, and this has occurred on about 5 projects.

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Chris Gonzalez

Hello all,

I experimented a bit today and found a workaround, if not ideal.

In order to defeat the Submit button appearing during a quiz Review you will need to edit your Player properties around how you want quiz questions to appear. So for example if you do not want the Menu, Glossary, or Resources items to appear during a test you need to uncheck those items in the Player (accessed by clicking the Player button at the top of the menu). 

You will then need to turn on or off those properties for non-quiz slides on a slide by slide basis by clicking the gear icon on the Base Layer of the individual slide.

But quiz slides must stay at Player defaults, you cannot customize.

Seems to have worked for me.

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