Quiz scoring errors with multiple quizes

I have a project with 2 quizzes. If you take the last one by itself it scores properly. If you take the first one then the last one the score is calculated from both quizzes not just the last one. This is incorrect.  I have double checked the variables and the selected slides to score from but it appears correct as far as I can see. It happens in AS2 preview, SCORM 1.2 testing in the cloud and LMS testing. 

Im not even sure what file I should up load for help


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sara

what is your requirement, that the user only does one quiz or does both quizzes? Do you have a result slide for each quiz and then a final result slide that combines both scores?

Might be easier if you can upload your .story file and give a little more information about what you are expecting to happen.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Sara -- Thanks for reaching out here! So, to confirm you are seeing the same behavior in both your LMS as well as in the SCORM Cloud, correct? You may want to share the name of the LMS you are using in case others have run into similar issues, and this article on How to Troubleshoot Your LMS with SCORM Cloud may offer some ideas you can try. 

And yes, Wendy is correct! You are always welcome to share your file, as it's the best way for others to run some testing and share their ideas. It would be best if you can share your .story (or source) file itself so we can publish on our machines and take a look at how your file is set up (before testing your published output for you). :)

Sara Gallinger

Yes I can share the story file

The users are supposed to take one quiz first and pass but they could skip (using the menu) and only take the second quiz. They are required to get 100% on both quizzes to pass the course.

There is a result slide for each quiz and a pass/fail for the whole course that should add both quizzes together.


Scott Readett

Hi Sara, 

I believe part of the issue was how the results pages where interacting and not acting dependent of each other. 

However I have found a solution using results pages with continue options only available if a quiz is successful and will prompt the user to complete the first quiz if the user attempts the second quiz first. 

It all appears to report back to the LMS only if both assessments are 100% successful. 

Here is the solution (not perfect and could do with a little further tweaking to improve) for you to use & build upon. Please note for ease of development I only used the quiz pages and not the full content. 

Hope this helps. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Sara -- Thanks for your reply, and unfortunately, I can't say that I have come across others here in the forum who use the Clarity Lime LMS, but hopefully others are familiar and can share additional advice. 

Please also take a look at the solution Scott offered above and let us know if what he's suggested will do the trick for your purposes, or if that is not what you had in mind. :)

Sara Gallinger

It looks like Scott's suggestions solved my issues with the quiz scoring incorrectly.  Thanks so much.

The outstanding issues is that users can still fail quiz 1, skip down to quiz 2 and "pass the module" Am I missing something to prevent that from happening?

Can I make the final results slide so they are required to get 100% on both to record a pass in LMS?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Sara -

I took a quick look at your file - it seems you've got 4 results slides? Results slide 1.17 is being also tracked by slide 1.18, and slide 3.5 is also a results slide, and slide 3.6 is set to track 1.18 and 3.5? Could you remove the 1.18 and let it track 1.17? I imagine the extra results slide is a bit unnecessary.

Then as Christie shared above, you'll want to test by uploading to SCORM Cloud to compare it with your LMS. Your LMS may be taking the first "submitted" score from the results slide visit vs. waiting till the final slide that you're tracking based on. 

Sara Gallinger

These were originally 2 independent modules but we were asked to combine them. So the results from the first quiz show and you are able to move on to module 2 if you get 100%. That is the first 2 results slides. One is the results of the quiz and the second tells you if you need to retake module 1 or get to move on to module 2. Given you cant move on to the final slide from only the success layer in the first result slide the second one is required.
When combining the 2 modules we needed to provide feedback to the learner on quiz 2 and then on both quizzes. So the third result slide is for quiz 2 and the fourth for both quiz 1 & 2.

Am I missing something in the first results slide to somehow trigger the learner to only go on  to module 2 if they get the success layer of the first results slide.

The other factor in this was the ability of the learner to just do module 1 and return later to complete module 2 but hold on to their score from quiz 1.

Scott Readett

Hi Sarah, 

I believe part of of the problem may be that the menu is unrestricted, allowing users to skip ahead irrespective of module 1 competition. 

Secondary, the results pages still have their next buttons available to users regardless of failure or success. 

Just so that I am clear (and I apologise for making you repeat things if you have already stated them):

  1. Does it matter if the user completes module 1 before module 2? Basically does the course have to be linear?
  2. Does the menu navigation need to be free, or could it be limited?



Sara Gallinger

No it doesn't matter which order the quizzes are completed in, just that they complete both and score 100% to be considered to pass.

The menu needs to have the content slides accessible but not the quizzes. I am new to AS2 so is there a way to lock out the menu until the first module is passed?

I could do as Wendy suggests to eliminate one of the results slides but it doesn't address the skip to the second quiz and being able to pass with only 1 quiz.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Sara

you can delete the quiz slides from the menu so the learner doesn't see them.  Making changes to the menu doesn't delete the slides from your module. See this tutorial for how to customise the menu.