Quiz Second Time Hangs up

Oct 04, 2023

I have a course with 4 languages and each language has a quiz. When the user fails the quiz, the can retake the course. When that happens and the click the link to take the quiz again, it just hangs. There are three dots that just blink. It happens with all four languages.

What can I do to solve this?

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Luciana Piazza

Hello Brianna and Jeffrey! 

Thanks so much for reaching out. Sorry to hear that you have run into this snag. I see that you both have opened support cases. You are in great hands! 

We'll continue the conversation in your separate support cases. If you have any additional questions in the meantime, feel free to reach out in your case so it's all in one spot! 

Have a great day, and happy developing! 

Jeffrey Riley

Brianna and Luciana, 

I found a solution. The issues seems to be Storyline does not know what to do the second time when jumping to a Quiz and in this case a Question Bank. I put a slide at the beginning of the question bank, made it as short as possible, and then set the trigger to jump to next slide when the timeline ends on that slide. 

I put a text box that shows LOADING.... and it just flashes on the screen, but then jumps to the first Quiz slide. I did this over and over for two languages. Now I will test on all four to be sure it works. If this does work, I will report to support and maybe even publish an article.

Jeffrey Riley

It seems we have two different problems. My issue was when the participant took the course over and tried to jump back to the quiz, it would hang. My results slides were not an issue. 

I did solve my problem by putting a slide before the quiz and jumping to that and have the slide jump to the quiz.