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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Mary,

The "Draw from" quiz slide should show in your menu. Have you disabled the menu for any other slides in the Player Properties? 

If so, try enabling the menu through the player properties, then remove the option for the menu for the other slides (that you don't want to display a menu) in Story View. 

If you need help finding these settings, just let me know!

Mary Ward

Need help.  Can you describe exactly?

I used a prior step by step how to Create A Graded Quiz from this forum.  Insert New Slide, Select Quiz template.  I added the Results slide and that works fine.  I did not see anything in the Create A Graded Quiz about "Draw From".

My quiz consists of only one freeform drop and drag question.  There are no additional quizzes included in this module.  It appears in the Storyline view right after Summary (1.20) Review Quiz (1.21) Results (1.22).

The sidebar menu does not include 'Review Quiz'.

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Mary,

Right, the review will not show up in the menu, but the quiz itself should. With Storyline courses, in order to display the quiz, the "Draw from" feature is used.

If you'd like, you can attach your .story file here and I can take a quick look, then I can show you how to display the menu for your quiz.

You can attach the .story file by clicking on the paperclip icon in your response. Keep in mind, I only need the single .story file. So, if your course is called "MyStoryRocks", it would be "MyStoryRocks.story". Let me know if you need help with this


Mary Ward

I've attached the file....I made it work by adding the Review Quiz as a new scene just to get it up and running.  But I will be using this format as a template moving forward, so I'd like to know the right way.  Thanks!

Let me know if you don't get the file.

Bruce Graham

Hi Mary.

All looks good to me!

Some thoughts......

I think there may be some confusion here in terms of the word "Review", which is what you have called your Quiz, as the "Review" is also a setting that you can make on your Quiz, (to allow students to look at the answers and see whether they got them correct or incorrect).

Your Quiz" shows up just fine for me, (Image 1).

Image 1

It has this format because it is a separate scene - you can delete entries, yet keep the "children" via Player > Menu. I would personally do this for both scenes, so your menu would now look like Image 2, Quiz showing fine now, (yes - I renamed the slide...just for giggles...).

Here's what the menu now looks like.

Hope that helps.


Jennifer Nypert

I know this thread is a bit older...not sure if anyone will see this TODAY. I am having this same issue with Storyline 2. I've already checked to make sure it is showing in the menu. When I click the next, quiz doesn't appear either in the preview or when loaded to the LMS. When I click Next and should show Quiz, shows quiz results. Been looking at for a few days now.