Quiz with no right or wrong answer


We're newbies at elearning and are trying to work out if what we want to do is possible within Articulate. 

We want users to answer A, B, or C for a list of questions, but there is no defined right or wrong answer. Then we want to calculate and show no. of A, B, C responses chosen and have the ability for the user to email the questions and their responses back to an email address.

So far we can't work out how to do either of these.


Thanks in advance!


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Georvy Sacramento

Hi Interrelate team,

Welcome to e-learning heroes!

If my understanding is correct, what you want to create is a survey, right? I would like to think so because there is no defined right or wrong answer.

To answer your question, yes you can certainly build a quiz/survey into Articulate Storyline project using Form-Based Questions. You would also want to ensure that you add result slide at the end of the survey to send reporting and tracking information to your learning management system (LMS), including learners' responses.

You mentioned that you want your users to have the ability to email the questions back with their responses to a specific email address, unfortunately, that feature is not included in Storyline, however, you may enable the Print Button on the results slide then instruct your learners to print their results and email them to a specified address.

Hope this works out for you.