Change State to Normal when Jumping to another Slide

Hi All,

Is there a way to set all states to normal when I jump to another slide? I would like to avoid to create a extra Button. The user has a navigationbar on the left side in the player, in which he also can jump to other slides.

I created a small quiz with 4 question without questionform. The result slide (5) shows its results by changeing the states. What I need is: 


- Show the state normal when the user is not going through the test (without submitting)  und when he jumps to another slide.



Enclosed you can see my file.

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Ren Gomez

Hi Lara,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your file!

Can you help clarify what you’re looking to do? Are you looking to restrict the results until all the questions have been submitted?

Unless I click submit for each question, no responses are saved, and I’m able to view all slides without the results slide being affected. When I start submitting the questions, then am I able to see the progress in the results slide.

Have you tried to restrict navigation in the player so that the user is unable to see the results until the last question has been answered? Let me know your thoughts!