Quizmaker 09 Template to Storyline 3

Mar 03, 2020

I have a quizzes that were created in Quizmaker 09. however when I import those quizzes into Storyline 3 I lose all the formatting (background, buttons, etc.) that were within Quizmaker 09.

Does anyone know how I can copy the quizmaker 09 template into Storyline 3 just for the quiz and not the entire Storyline 3 content as both use different templates.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Tony Morris

Further to my last - when I import the attached quiz into Storyline 3 and publish it, one cannot see all the multiple choice answers unless they hove over them. How do I display all possible answers. I still want to know how to copy the Quiz template into Storyline 3 as that is most annoying.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Tony!

I'm happy to help! I've imported the Check_Your_Understand.quiz to Storyline 3 and like you mentioned, the format is correct but the answers are missing. Have you tried saving the original file as a .quiz rather than a template? This would ensure the answers are displayed in Storyline 3.

After that, you can save the project as a Storyline Template (.storytemplate). 

Please keep me updated on your findings!

Tony Morris


Thank you for your prompt reply, it is most appreciated. Upon further research, trials and tribulations I discovered the following.

The issue is that when I import a quiz into Storyline 3 that was created using Quizmaker 09 the States associated with the multiple choice answers do not contain the text associated with the respective radio button with the exception of the Hover state as per the image shown below. Hence you'll only see the text in the published version when you hover on the particular answer, which is no good.


The solution/work around is to create a new answer and copy the original text into the new answer, then delete the original as shown below. Needles to say a real pain.


This issue appears to be with the import function of Storyline 3 relative to Quizmaker 09 multiple choice answers. I've imported the same quiz into Storyline (the first version) ands all works fine. I need to use Storyline 3 as we're converting the entire CBT (20 modules English and 20 French) from Flash to HTML5. Each module has a quiz so it would appear that this will take some effort, should another solution not be found.

Any help in remedying this issue would be so greatly appreciated.



Tony Morris


Another issue relative to my initial post is dealing with Color Themes. I have three XML files (attached) that were used in the original CBT that was developed using Articulate 09. When I attempted to load either of the XML files into Storyline 3 I receive the following message.


I attempted those files using the following steps:

1. Open an existing Storyline project or create a new one.
2. Go to the Home tab, and click the Player button.
3. When the Player Properties dialog opens, click the Current Player button, and select Import from the drop-down menu that appears.
4. Browse to and select the player XML file that was sent to you, and click the Open button.

Once again my many thanks and appreciation for any assistance you can provide.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tony,

I'm not seeing any of your attachments here in the forums.

It looks like you may be replying via e-mail, which will cause this to happen.

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