Importing Quizzes into Storyline using Excel Template

Mar 31, 2014

I know that it is possible to import quizzes into Quizmaker '13 using an Excel Template using the information in this article:

However, I am a current user of Storyline, although I do still use Quizmaker '09 from time to time. I have not been able to use that same Excel template with either of those programs. Is the ability to import quizzes using an Excel template exclusive to Quizmaker '13? It seems odd that the usually more robust Storyline lacks this ability. Does anyone out there have any information on importing quizzes into Storyline (or even Quizmaker '09 using an Excel template?

Thanks, community!

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Matthew Dearmon

Thank you, Ashley. I will do that. I do have one follow-up question, however: as a workaround, I was going to import the Excel file using Quizmaker '13 and then import that into Storyline, but I received an error message stating that Storyline could not import quizzes from that version ('13) of Quizmaker. I checked and I have the latest update of Storyline. Quizmaker '09 imported into Storyline. What happened to that functionality? We have many old courses that we created with Studio that we are gradually updating using Storyline, so the ability to import from other Articulate programs is very important to us!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Matthew,

I certainly understand, and right now our team is working on the functionality to import from Studio '13 into Storyline, but it's not available yet. In the meantime, a lot of users have been publishing the standalone Studio pieces (engage or quizmaker) and then inserting into Storyline as a web object. 

Doug Van Cleef

I can hardly believe my eyes as I read this.  I am new to the Articulate product line and my initial impression of Storyline was very positive, but I need tools like quizmaker for my technical staff to create quizzes and tools like storyline for my creative staff to develop the deliverable story.  That they are not compatible (especially when prior versions were!) is unthinkable to me.  And that there are no import/export solutions is even more unfortunate.  I guess I need to rethink the contents of the toolbox for the remainder of my staff.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Doug,

You can still create quizzes from within Storyline, as described here, although there is not yet a feature to import the questions in an excel document. Also, a number of users have successfully used the web object method to insert a published Engage or Quizmaker interaction into Storyline - so you may be able to use that in the interim while our team continues to work on importing Studio '13 into Storyline. 

Doug Van Cleef

Thank you for response, Ashley, but unfortunately I have already invested a lot of time in hundreds of quiz questions that cannot be directly included in Storyline.  Right on the Storyline opening page is a button to import quizzes from Quizmaker; as a former product manager I cannot fathom how this product made it to the streets in this condition.  So now I either get a copy of storyline (and rewrite all of my quizzes!) so I can give the quizzes directly to my creative staff, or I give them raw quiz content and have them type it in.  So the convenience of uploading from Excel goes away, and the convenience of having a technical staff on a simple quiz creation platform goes away.  This is just very unfortunate and completely unanticipated when I elected to employ the Articulate tools.  To Articulate's credit, they have provided me the opportunity to replace Studio with Storyline, but you can easily see that it still leaves a lot of wasted work.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rhonda,

I see your feature request that came through - but I'm not sure where or how you submitted the other question? It looks like a forum thread that you submitted? Our team in the forums goes through all threads, but we read them in time order (oldest to newest) so depending on the day it may take us a bit longer to get there - although community members may chime in as well. I'll pop into your thread now and take a look as well. 

We don't offer phone support - but you can also reach out to our Support engineers here. 

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