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Nov 03, 2017

Hi community, 

I have a recurent problem with quizzes and I don't know how to solve it. At the end of each module we do, we have a dozen or so slides with quizz questions, and a result slide. Nothing special. 

But, in several modules, I've had some people (but not all of them !) having the same issue : a blank page in the middle of the quizz. If they click 'Submit', it says 'you must complete the question before continuing' but clearly, they cannot. 

It seems like a random problem that sometimes appears for some users. I have no clue who to solve this. I'm also not sure if the issue comes from Storyline (I use AS 2) or from the LMS (Moodle).

Anyone ?? Thank you in advance !

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Pascaline

Hard to say whether the issue is SL or Moodle without some more information.

  1. Can you isolate the users that this is happening to which browser they are using?
  2. Have you tried uploading the published zip file to Scormcloud (industry standard LMS) and tested there to see if it happens?
  3. Have you tried creating another Storyline file and importing your current file in to create a new project, publishing and uploading that to Moodle to see if the issue occurs?
Lydie Durant

Thank you for your answers !

So : 

  • The last person to report the bug uses Google Chrome indeed.
  • The blank page appears on Scormcloud as well

I tried on Scormclould and Moodle - sometimes it works fine, sometimes I have a blank page. But the blank page doesn't always appear in the same spot. Sometimes it's after the first question, sometimes the second, etc. Sometimes, instead of a blank page, it jumps to another question that's supposed to be later in the scene. 

I'm not quite sure how to proceed. I had this issue before and I just redid the scene from scracth, but clearly it didn't work. 


Lydie Durant

Same here, your version seems to work. Did you do anything to it ? 

I wonder if it has to do with the French SL version then. I had issues with states before and discovered if worked perfetcly in English. Do you think it could come from there ? I guess one way to find out is for me to change SL in English and test it.

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