• I'm using Storyline 2.
  • I have two assessments in one module.
  • each assessment has its own result slide. 

Question 1:

Is there a way to block the user from proceeding to the 2nd assessment if he failed the first one. 

Questions 2

On the final result slide - is there a way to display results for first and second assessment and then the overall result.




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Terry Coe


for question 1:

I would make a condition on the passed layer of the first result slide that lets the user continue. That way the only way the user can go on  is to get to that layer, which is dependent on passing the first quiz.

question 2:

You got me on that one... I know that you can have the variables from the first quiz result slide displayed on the second results slide, as long as you rename the variables so they are different. not sure how to combine them though.

Hope I Helped.